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Galvanizing Seminar!

Free Galvanizing Seminar by Young Galvanizing, Inc.

In addition to providing the highest quality hot dip galvanizing, Young Galvanizing is also accredited to provide continuing education credit hours to engineers and architects. We provide an hour long seminar about the galvanizing process prepared by the American Galvanizers Association.

Seminar Outline
  • Introduction of myself, the AGA and Young Galvanizing; services we provide.
  • Tour of the city with photos highlighting the corrosion problem and its cost.
  • The corrosion process and the ways galvanizing inhibits corrosion.
  • Explanation of the galvanizing process, dissection of the coating.
  • Advantages and benefits of galvanizing.
  • Duplex systems (painting over galvanizing).
  • Environmental information about the process and zinc.
  • Lifespan of coating and what affects its durability.
  • Examples of galvanized products.

Young Galvanizing has been in existence and growing steadily since 1974. During this period we have done work for a great number of companies, fabricators and state agencies. Recent work includes structural steel and most of the handrail for the new stadium projects in Cleveland and Pittsburgh, bridge beams for Ohio’s I-71 and Rt. 11 projects and large amounts of rebar for Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania.

People who would benefit from the information in this seminar include engineers, architects, designers and specifiers. If you have any questions about this outline, our company or myself, please feel free to call. I have given this seminar at more than 80 architectural, engineering and state offices between Cleveland and Philadelphia.

Andrew Gamble
Young Galvanizing
Pulaski, Pennsylvania

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